Angel Membership

Choose from our flexible plans and join the Angel community.

Monthly Plan: Free Trial

Angel Membership

Choose from our flexible plans and join the Angel community.

Annual Plan: Free Trial
Monthly Plan: Free Trial

Bundles Includes

Please note: Angel Members will have access to one course per month (course of the month.)

Awakening spiritually can be a lonely personal journey. Often times my clients report:

  • They don’t have anyone to talk to about it,
  • They’re constantly searching for the right book to read or workshop to take;
  • And they don’t know where to start or how to awaken fully.

Because of all this, the process of awakening can feel overwhelming and daunting!

And instead of healing, many souls who feel overwhelmed end up pushing their spiritual awakening to the side and reverting back to their old way of being.

Your angels don’t want that for you. Your angels want you to live the truest expression of your soul. Your angels want you to feel fulfilled because you’re living out your soul's purpose in this lifetime.

That’s why your angels channeled the “Angel Membership” through me!

The Angel Membership is a program that gives you access to EVERYTHING you need to awaken fully ALL IN ONE PLACE! You get access to:

  • A new LIVE, group event almost each week;
  • Small group meetings;
  • All of my thirteen courses (one week at a time, most w/ workbooks);
  • All of my past workshops;
  • Dozens of my guided healings;
  • An active private community to connect with like-minded souls who are on the same journey as you!

Sign up for a 5-Day Free Trial and you’ll get a sneak peek at the Angel Membership behind the scenes! We do not include live events, small groups or the private community with your free trial; however, you will have access to test out the online learning component and begin learning the first steps to communicating with your angels!

By signing up for the 5-Day Free Trial, you are registering for the Angel Membership and you will be charged on the 6th day. If you wish to not be charged, you must go into your account on your own and cancel your membership by the end of the 5th day. Canceling your membership (and ensuring you’re no longer being charged) is your responsibility and we cannot do it for you if you email in. If you email in, we will email you back with directions on how you can cancel your account. Or, with 3 days notice, you can schedule a time for a team member to walk you through canceling your membership.

One more thing! If you unsubscribe from our emails, you will not get any info about your membership, upcoming events, and we will not be able to reach you at all regarding your account . . . So please always stay subscribed to our emails!

Now enjoy your membership and I’m SOUL excited to get to work with you this entire year! You’re going to grow beyond your wildest dreams. You’re going to know your purpose! You’re going to hear your intuition clearly! You’re going to know what it feels like to be “on track.” And you’re going to do all of this while surrounded by souls who love you!

This experience is going to change your life! I hope you’re ready for your best year yet!!

Julie and Your Angels