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Hello Beautiful Souls,
We don’t want anyone to miss out on the valuable information provided in the Angel Membership. We’re here to support you as best we can with a partial scholarship. When you pay what you can every month (with a partial scholarship), it helps us offer more scholarships to those who need it and produce the podcasts. Our goal is for so much abundance to flow through to you that you stay a member but no longer need the scholarship! We love you friends! We're here for you. And we want to see you succeed! 
Julie and Your Angels
Thank you for contributing what you can each month. The more you're able to contribute, the more people we can reach, help and support with a scholarship. 

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ANGEL MEMBERSHIP DISCLAIMER, TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By registering for the Angel Membership, and/or participating in the Angel Membership, you acknowledge and agree to the following: 1.) The Angel Reiki School is not included in the Angel Membership. 2.) The Angel Reiki School is different from the Angel Membership in that the Angel Membership is a program for your own spiritual growth and is not preparing you in any way, shape or form to be an Energy Healer, Angel Reiki practitioner, Medium, or deliver messages to other people. 3.) Individual (one-on-one) sessions are not included in the Angel Membership. 4.) By participating in this program, you agree that all work by Julie is for Entertainment purposes only. You agree to work with a therapist should any emotional or mental health matters arise in your life, and a professional for any medical, legal, tax, financial, or professional advice you need. You agree that Julie cannot provide any type of professional advice. 5.) In the Angel Membership you are not taught or permitted to bring through messages for anyone other than yourself (unless you are a graduate of Julie’s Angel Reiki School (ARS) and even then only loving, positive messages are permitted). Any ARS Grad who brings through loving positive messages does so at their own personal risk and liability, and neither Julie Jancius, nor Chicago Energy Healing LLC, nor Julie’s team nor companies will be held responsible. Any random Angel Member who brings through a message or messages against the advisement of this program, does so at their own personal risk and liability, and neither Julie Jancius nor Chicago Energy Healing LLC, nor Julie’s team or companies will be held responsible. Furthermore, if you bring through messages without a certificate from Julie’s Angel Reiki School, you may be removed from the program without a refund. 5.) You agree that all videos, materials, LIVE's, and writings are copyrighted to Julie Jancius and Chicago Energy Healing LLC, and you will not reproduce anything in whole or in part. 6.) You agree that when you're ready, you will cancel your own account. The Angel Membership is run on a third-party platform and you cannot email in to have us cancel for you. If you need help canceling your account, you can contact my office by email only at [email protected] at least 10 business days before your renewal date and we will walk you through it. 7.) Technology glitches from time to time, when you cancel your account, you must ensure that you are not charged again by checking your credit card statement. You cannot come to us and say your card was charged for months or years without you realizing it. Your payments are used to fund the program and other free programs that reach millions each year. It is your responsibility to ensure your card is not charged again after you cancel. 8.) All purchases are final, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. 9.) Any reference to “healing” is considered “spiritual healing,” and any reference to “healer” is a “spiritual or energy healer.” Julie and her team are not doctors. Please seek professional medical attention for any concerns about your physical, mental, or emotional health.

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