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June: Uncovering Your Hidden Healing Abilities: How To Become A Healer

 June 25, 2022 from 10:30 AM-12 PM CT

Have you ever stopped to think, “What is it going to take to raise the vibration of Earth?” We all talk about “raising the vibe” but what will it really take to bring peace, love, joy and ease to Earth and all of humanity? The angels say that if each one of us were to follow our hearts calling and serve humanity in the way we are pulled – then, and only then, will humanity make “the great shift”. If you are feeling called to serve humanity as a healer in some capacity (because remember, there are healers in all walks of life), then this workshop is for you. 


In this workshop, we will explore a wide array of healing modalities and how you can combine the ones that call to you, to create your own healing business. Friends, the angels just stopped me and said, “And would you tell them that this workshop is also for those who don’t know if they are a healer or not?” Friends, you might be on the fence in that you might feel called to learn about a healing modality like becoming an angel messenger in my Angel Reiki School, but at the same time your egoic mind keeps saying, “But starting a business isn’t for me. I’m never going to start my own business.” 


You don’t know that yet! Your angels remind you not to put the cart before the horse. If you think you might be a healer, that’s a for sure that you are a healer! But that isn’t enough to just go out and start working on people – you must have training first. There are all different types of training and we’re going to dive into that in the workshop. What’s important now is to follow the first step they’re giving you by coming to this workshop to learn more about what it actually means to be a healer!


Healers give their life to God, Universe, Source by being a tool They can work through. The angels want you to leave this workshop with clarity on how you’re being called to become a healer and the different ways you can start that journey. The angels also want you to have fun in the workshop exercise exploring how being a healer would bring a different level of joy and fulfillment into your life. Lastly, the angels want you to walk away from this workshop with a realistic view of what it means to be a healer – how much work is it really? How do you get started when you need to work in order to pay your bills? We’ll answer all of this and more in the workshop! SOUL excited to see you there my healer friend! The angels and I aim to make each workshop not just informative, but a deeply transformative experience! If you’re an angel member, this workshop is included in your membership. Non-members can register for this workshop on my website: theangelmedium.com.