Be Your Own Angel Messenger

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Join this new course today and I’m going to teach you how to turn-on your intuition to receive daily messages of guidance and direction directly from God, your angels, guides and loved ones on the Other Side (AKA. Your Spirit Team).
In this new Be Your Own Angel Messenger course, you’ll learn:
WEEK 1: Turn On Your Intuition
Are you ready to activate your intuition? Are you ready to turn your intuition on and turn up the volume? I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step process, to tune into your own inner wisdom. The first step is feeling your intuition within. It leads to a shift within you. That’s what this week is all about!
WEEK 2: The Secret To Intuition
Are you ready to try brand new intuitive exercises, so that you’re able to get a different result? The truth is that your Spirit Team has been talking to you, your entire life. With these five tools, I’m going to help you remember how the voice of the Divine flows through you to guide you, so that you recognize it very clearly every day.
WEEK 3: How To Trust Your Intuition
Okay, so now that you’re in the part of the course where you’re hearing your intuition clearly, how do you know if what you’re hearing is correct or not? I’m going to show you four tools you can use to be sure that what you’re hearing is coming from your Spirit Team! So that you can deeply trust your own inner wisdom.
WEEK 4: Intuition Is The Way To Fulfill Your Souls Life Plan
By now you see that intuition is another term for present awareness, for being in the now. Let me show you how your intuition ties directly into your purpose and God’s only mission for you on this Earth: You being more yourself than every before and being filled to the brim, pouring over, with this LOVE for your life, LOVING of who you are. It’s going to help you fulfill your life plan and feel the greatest sense of joy.

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