Angel Membership Scholarship Application

Hello Beautiful Souls,

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the valuable information provided in the Angel Membership. We’re here to support you as best we can with a partial scholarship. When you pay what you can every month (with a partial scholarship), it helps us offer more scholarships to those who need it and produce the podcasts. Our goal is for so much abundance to flow through to you that you stay a member but no longer need the scholarship! We love you friends! We're here for you. And we want to see you succeed! 
We have always given out Angel Membership scholarships, but to keep our business and free resources open (Angels and Awakening Podcast, The World's Largest Prayer Network, and Facebook Community) we can only give out a certain amount of scholarships and we do not offer scholarships for the Angel Reiki School.
Julie and Your Angels 
Pay $88 Monthly with our Angel Membership Scholarship

Need More Assistance?

You can apply for a full scholarship using the form below. This opportunity is available twice a year, with scholarship recipients being chosen on April 1st and August 1st. We believe in providing access to spiritual growth for everyone, and scholarships are one way we make this possible.

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