Your Deepest Healing with Angel Saraphina and the Seraphim


We don’t often talk about it, but the Seraphim say at times it hurts (and it is painful) to simply be here – to be a soul, in a body, living out your purpose here on Earth. As a soul with your own unique mission from God, you are a trailblazer! You are a soul using your lifetime to make an energetic pathway for the souls who will come after you – and with this journey comes frustrations, tears, hurts, pains and loneliness. 

The Seraphim ask you to join us in this LIVE group healing circle to feel the protection they’ve placed around you, your life and your family – and to see that you are not alone. Not now. Not ever!

Your angels ask you to bring all of your fears, worries, concerns, hurts, pains and loneliness to this event – and give it over to God. You will leave this event feeling stronger and more capable than ever before!

Friend, the only thing you have to do to prepare for this sacred energy healing is to be open and receptive. In this group healing circle, you will feel a great energy of Oneness that will leave your energy open, expansive and radiant – for days, weeks or even months to come!

Sacred energy healing circles are the same as if you were to go in for a Reiki Energy Healing treatment. The only difference is that Julie is able to work on an entire group at once – while simultaneously connecting you with your angels. 

Julie will bring the group into a state of interconnected Oneness – it’s an even higher form of Oneness that you’ll feel radiating through the entire group all at once! When all are in Oneness together, there is a very sacred, divine, palpable energy that all feel collectively and begin to radiate to one another and out to the world!

Join this live energy healing circle to clear your energy, feel the presence of your angels, and connect with your own divine messages. 

Get ready for a deeply transformative experience! If you’re an angel member, this workshop is included in your membership. Non-members can register for this workshop on my website: and will have access to a replay for 90 days. 

Please note: The word “healing” is a shortened term of the phrase “energy healing” and refers only to energetic healing.