Be Your Own Angel Messenger

4-Week Online Course

Do you want to get daily guidance from your Spirit Team, but you just don’t know how to tune in? 
Or maybe you’ve been trying (or praying) but you feel like you’re not hearing anything back? 
Or maybe you are hearing something back but you don’t know if it’s your Spirit Team or not?
If this is you, I have a brand new, 4-week course that’s going to help you hear your intuition, know when you’re being guided and follow your heart so that you’re living out your soul's path!
 Why is this info so important?
Because when you’re listening to your Spirit Team, you’re listening to the directions God/Universe/Source is giving you for your life: You’re avoiding pitfalls. You’re manifesting abundance. You’re living your life the way God intended you to live it and because of that you feel the truest, richest sense of meaning and fulfillment in your life!
Life becomes easier in so many ways!
It all starts when you become your own angel messenger!
Join this new course today and I’m going to teach you how to turn-on your intuition to receive daily messages of guidance and direction directly from God, your angels, guides and loved ones on the Other Side (AKA. Your Spirit Team).
Friend, God’s placed every answer to every question you’ll ever have, within your own heart, all you need to do is learn how to access it!
Let me teach you how! Join me in this 4-week online course with new teachings every week!
Just so that we’re clear and on the same page, I’m not teaching you how to bring through messages for others. Bringing through messages for yourself and bringing through messages for others are two completely different educational curriculums. For the later, please join my Angel Reiki School to develop all of your spiritual gifts.
In this new Be Your Own Angel Messenger course, you’ll learn:
WEEK 1: Turn On Your Intuition
Are you ready to activate your intuition? Are you ready to turn your intuition on and turn up the volume? I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step process, to tune into your own inner wisdom. The first step is feeling your intuition within. It leads to a shift within you. That’s what this week is all about!
WEEK 2: The Secret To Intuition
Are you ready to try brand new intuitive exercises, so that you’re able to get a different result? The truth is that your Spirit Team has been talking to you, your entire life. With these five tools, I’m going to help you remember how the voice of the Divine flows through you to guide you, so that you recognize it very clearly every day.
WEEK 3: How To Trust Your Intuition
Okay, so now that you’re in the part of the course where you’re hearing your intuition clearly, how do you know if what you’re hearing is correct or not? I’m going to show you four tools you can use to be sure that what you’re hearing is coming from your Spirit Team! So that you can deeply trust your own inner wisdom.
WEEK 4: Intuition Is The Way To Fulfill Your Souls Life Plan
By now you see that intuition is another term for present awareness, for being in the now. Let me show you how your intuition ties directly into your purpose and God’s only mission for you on this Earth: You being more yourself than every before and being filled to the brim, pouring over, with this LOVE for your life, LOVING of who you are. It’s going to help you fulfill your life plan and feel the greatest sense of joy.
Friends, you do not HAVE to be going to another person to get your angel messages. You can get them for yourself EVERY DAY! Let me show you how!
What’s Included In The Cost?
COST: $349
The cost of the Be Your Own Angel Messenger, 4-week course is $349 and it provides you with four training modules, live events replays, and never-before-used tools to turn on your intuition. You have access to this material for 90 days.  
Friend, God/Universe/Source didn’t send you here alone! God stacked the deck in your favor by giving you a Spirit Team (angels, guides and loved ones) to help you steer your life! When you use your intuition to communicate with your Spirit Team, you begin to follow your life path and feel the truest sense of meaning and fulfillment in your life. That’s what we want you to take away from this course!
 Annual paying angel members, who paid for this year all at once, get free access to this course as a perk of being an annual-paying member. To upgrade your membership or join the annual membership NOW for $1,200 and receive this course free, please email my assistant at [email protected]
PLEASE READ: You'll be able to access this course for 90 days starting from the date of purchase. Just to reiterate the text above, this course does NOT certify you as an angel messenger, nor does it give you the ability to work with others to bring through messages. To work with clients, extensive education and a different curriculum is needed. You can find all of that in my Angel Reiki School HERE. This course is simply to teach you how to work hand-in-hand with Spirit every day to know the messages they’re communicating to you, for you, in your own personal life. 
DISCLAIMER: This course is designed to provide information and motivation to its participants, with the understanding that the teacher, Julie Jancius, does not intend to render any type of psychological, medical, mental, emotional legal, religious or any other kind of professional advice, nor prescribe the use of any technique or practice as a form of treatment. Neither the company nor teacher shall be liable for any physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial or commercial damages, including, but not limited to, special, incidental, consequential or other damages. The teacher, company and any other associate parties assume no responsibility for your actions and their consequences accrued from the advice and strategies in this course. Remember, Julie teaches that the Other Side ONLY brings through lovinging, positive information. The Other Side will never tell you to hurt/harm yourself or anyone else. If you hear anything negative that is always coming from your own egoic mind (which we are trying to steer you away from).
Always consult your physician or therapist when considering using meditation techniques. Always make sure to practice meditation in an environment that is safe. Do not engage in meditation activities while driving a car or operating any kind of machinery.